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Left Hook, Right Jab


Citrus, Simple, Cointreau, Patron, Blk Drops



Sweet Lime, violet syrup, Rum, ElderFlower Saint Germaine

Confession Time


Lemon, maple syrup, triple sec, Hennessy

Hold On


Coconut, Rum, Curacao, Wray and Nephews

Holy Water


Citrus, Tequila, Peach, and orange blossom, triple sec

Fraid Ah Jumbie


Citrus, tropical fruits, Barbancourt, Wray and Nephews



Tropical fruits, Peach and orange blossom botanicals, tingz grapefruit, lemonade

Garden Bliss


Citrus, Tropical Fruits, coconut rum, spiced rum, Wray and nephews



Grapefruit & Rose Botanicals, pineapple, Chardonnay, triple sec



Hennessy, Cabernet, Port Wine, orange, mango

Frose’ All Day


Moscato, citrus, watermelon absolute, strawberry

Lustful Thoughts


Vodka, Gin, rum, triple sec, Hennessy, lemonade

We Go Together


Frose’ and Lustful thoughts together

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Happy hour mond thru friday brooklym

4PM - 7PM

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Proper Attire is Required!

Please no clothing emitting excessive marijuana odor, exposed undergarments, excessively revealing clothing, or clothing with offensive language or graphics.

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